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New air-conditioned rack enclosure designed for IT and Data Centre’s


“Regard Network Solution” is an Indian manufacturer of thermoelectric air conditioners, Server racks, and electronic enclosures. Intelligent “ Regard Network Solution” recognized a challenge. Many businesses do not have the space or budget to create a dedicated, cooled server room, but cannot handle the noise and clutter that results from leaving IT Equipment out in the open. Housing it in a segregated area that does not have independent climate control can lead to serious network reliability issues, including catastrophic failure in extreme cases. As a result, “Regard Network Solution” developed the new Protector Series IT Rack Enclosure. This product provides a different solution to the IT and data canter market through a fully enclosed, air-conditioned rack designed specifically to the space requirements and unique cooling needs of IT, data canter, and networking customers.

“Regard Network Solution” integrated 5,000 to 27,000 BTU/HR air conditioners to allow companies with limited space and budget to achieve a fully cooled network rack without needing to revise their building HVAC system to handle the excessive heat generated in a server room. “In today’s Network Infrastructures there is a growing demand for expandable network sizes,” said RT Engineers“Regard Network Solution” sales engineer. “The need for numerous cables exiting a single enclosure led us to add larger cable entry/exit ways at both the top of the enclosure and below the rear door. These include adjustable, gasket ‘pinch bars’ that allow for ease in running wires and help to provide a good seal around the cables.” “Regard Network Solution” furthered the design by including a waste heat removal duct that easily routes the waste heat generated by the integral cooling system out of the workspace. “ Regard Network Solution” also included a smoked polycarbonate window to keep the clean look of the IT Rack Enclosure while still providing visibility of important equipment indicator lights. Many options and IT equipment on the market today are designed specifically for use with square-holed rack rails. These pieces will integrate seamlessly into the square holes that come standard in every IT Rack Enclosure. Every IT Rack Enclosure is built from the ground up, customers have complete flexibility in the design of their specific enclosure. Our experts can create a package specifically to fit the space and cooling constraints of a client’s particular needs. For more information about the Protector Series IT Rack Enclosure please contact us.

  • Standard Configuration of Smart Server Rack
  • H x W x D: 42U x 800mm x 1000mm, up to 1200 mm
  • 1500 kg loading capacity
  • Aluminium or Steel profile
  • Depth adjustable 19’’ mounting rails with U marking
  • Front and rear doors with internal frame and 63% perforation ratio (optional 80%)
  • Controllable electronic lock (locally but also remotely)
  • Adjustable feet
  • Earthing kit and earthing bar
  • RAL9005 or RAL 7035 powder coated
  • One combo temperature/humidity sensor connected to the controller
    Optional Accessories for Smart Server Rack
  • Castor Set
  • 1U 19” Metal/Plastic Cable Organizer
  • 1U 19’’ Blanking panels
  • 3 pcs of radial fans with 625 m³/h for cooling (N+1 redundancy); the fan tachometer output info can be read through the controller and alert in case of fan failure
  • Vertical blanking panels with zero-U patching option
  • Vertical Cable Organizer and cable manager
Thermoelectric Cooling Assemblies

As per expert’s by passing a current through two dissimilar conductors, the junction of those materials will either absorb or release heat, depending on the direction of the current flow. The expert discovered current would flow when you placed a temperature gradient across the junction of two dissimilar metals. These two discoveries were the basis of thermos electrics. With the advent of modern semiconductors, thermoelectric assemblies became practical for real-world applications and are now found in everything from consumer goods to spacecraft. Upon application of a direct current (DC) power source, these devices generate a cooling action, countered by a generation of heat on the opposite side of the device. RNS’s Thermoelectric Air Conditioners operate on this principle so there is no compressor and no expensive, ozone-depleting CFCs. RNS’s Rack assemblies use Thermoelectric “modules” sandwiched between high-performance aluminum heat sinks and one or more high CFM axial fans. Rack assemblies are coupled with intelligent electronic design to “pump” the heat from the inside of an enclosure to the outside, without exposing delicate electronics to any outside air or contamination. Through proper packaging, It has harnessed the cooling properties of these thermoelectric modules into modular air conditioners that can dissipate typical loads of 200, 400, 800, 1500, 2500, 3500, or 5500 BTU/HR.

Specifications of Colling Unit:
  • Slim design for internal /external /partial mounting arrangement.
  • Digital display with potential free connect Controller for Temperature and alarm.
  • Separate condenser and evaporator fan for better energy saving.
  • External and internal circuit protection with IP 44 and IP 56 respectively.
  • High-performance versus to price ratio
  • CFC free eco-friendly refrigerant-R134a
  • Outer filter of superior quality, quick and easy change of integrated filter mat.
  • Image
    This is an optional feature of our “Intelligent Rack”

    “INTELLIGENT COOLING RACK” system is an intelligent single rack solution designed for Data Centres and any type of IT application where remote monitoring of the basic environmental conditions inside the Server rack is essential. “INTELLIGENT COOLING RACK” system has an embedded environmental monitoring unit on the front or side door with a very user-friendly panel. You can remotely monitor the below parameters:

  • Temperature and Humidity
  • Fan speed in rpm and fan failure alarm
  • Door condition for security (Open or close status)
  • Fire detection & Suppression alarms
  • “INTELLIGENT COOLING RACK” system is very user-friendly and cost effective alternative solution in comparison to complex environmental monitoring systems.

    EMS Unit Technical Features
  • A unique microcontroller running at 100MHz
  • 2.8” TFT color LCD 16bit parallel interface touch screen attached to the controller (Optional)
  • Real-time clock with internal battery
  • 4x analog inputs for Fan Tachometer
  • 1x analog input for the combo temperature/humidity digital sensor
  • 1x dry contact input for the door sensor
  • 1x digital output for the electronic door lock
  • 1x digital output for the fire alerts.
  • Ethernet connectivity with web interface integrated software
  • SNMP traps for notification
  • SMTP support for mail alerts
  • Temperature and Humidity graphical display on LCD and the web page
  • Ping to direct IP address for the Internet connectivity check
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