How It Works

Various Sensors Installed


Central Management or Monitoring system is a system which can connect all the cameras and third party devices located at multiple locations or sites at a central hub. Through CMS, you can view, control, receive alerts & notifications from any camera or third party device, located anywhere in the system and take pro active decisions.

System Features
  • 24x7 CMS Remote monitoring from central location.
  • Auto Live Pop Up CCTV Preview on Alarms received from remote branches panels.
  • Image saving from live preview in SQL database for future reporting
  • Siren/Hooter can be switched off for remote panels.
  • Quickly detect and identify and log any intrusion/incident in any branch, view the branch on CCTV monitors and respond/inform all concerned through Emails, SMS.
  • Two Way audio with the remote DVR site if DVR is connected with Speaker and Mic System
  • Auto preview of the camera number configured with the alarm zone
  • Zoom Preview for specific site.
  • Configurable FIFO method for Data stored in the database with auto Backup.
  • Branch opening/closing report with Images.
  • Web Based application for remote video/ image data pulling and storing on local PC.
  • Image
    Health Monitoring
    Health monitoring for the DVR’s to fetch data of the DVR remotely such as
  • HDD Status
  • Disc Space
  • Camera Status
  • Last recorded file status
  • AI Configurations
  • This tool helps for maintenance and service with very less downtime.
    Central Monitoring Control
  • Live View of Any Branch
  • Automated Ticket Generation for Fire and Panic Alarms
  • Automated Real Time Camera Preview at command center on Ticket Generation
  • Two way Audio to the Site from Command Center also Useful for Audio Broadcasting to Sites (If Required but not consider in BOQ)
  • Initiate Hooter of Any Site From Command Center
  • Site DVR Health Monitoring
  • Ticket History with Images of Ticket Time
  • Runs on Lower Bandwidth
  • Configurable Capture and Auto Email of Images of Specific Time for Each Site. (Useful for Checking Branch Open/Close and Housekeeping) (If Required but not consider in BOQ)
  • Can Integrate with Different Sensors like Shutter Open/Close, PIR, Temperature, Energy Meters etc. (If Required but not consider in BOQ)
  • Scheduled Automated Email of Reports.
  • Auto SMS facility at the time of incident & real time update to QRT by operator.
  • This tool helps for maintenance and service with very less downtime.
    Reports List
  • Day, Month, Year wise Ticket History
  • Alarm Category wise Ticket History
  • Branch wise Housekeeping Report based on Images (If Required but not consider in BOQ)
  • Branch Open/Close Report based on Images (If Required but not consider in BOQ)
  • Branch wise DVR Health Report
  • Active/Inactive Status of Each Camera of DVR at Branch
  • Branch wise Recording Status of DVR
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